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At Hash Global, we connect global innovation forces with our professional expertise and abundant resources at the core, jointly building a prosperous Web3 ecosystem. We are committed to discovering innovative technologies and business models, tapping into potential value, and seeking investment opportunities in the Web3 domain for investors.

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Investing In Global Projects Since 2018

Hash Global is a Web3 Venture Capital firm founded in 2018. We are dedicated to creating a more open and fair internet by working with the most talented and creative teams globally. Over the past few years, we have invested in more than 50 projects covering 7 tracks, with more than $300million in assets under management. Our LP includes: founders of well-known enterprises, Web 2 platform companies, Family office, etc.



Invested Area

Primary Operations and Investment

As a venture capital firm with a strong background in the Chinese community, we focus on: 1) supporting ethnic Chinese founders glob ally, 2)investing in projects that facilitate the integration of Web2 economies with Web3 communities. Over the past five years, we have invested in over 60 projects covering the whole Web3 technology stack.


A Team With Extensive Experience

Our team at Hash Global possesses professional blockchain expertise and abundant industry resources. They have relentless enthusiasm for innovative technologies and business models, providing investors with investment opportunities in emerging fields.

Our Team

Jointly Building A Blockchain Ecosystem

Hash Global focuses on the long-term construction of public chain ecosystem sand projects, accompanying project teams as they grow together. We are one of the validator nodes for Binance Chain, with along-term stable entrusted scale ranking among the top, and a current delegated fund amount exceeding $200 million. At the same time, we also operate nodes for Ethereum, PlatON, and Rangers Protocol networks, actively participating in the long-term ecological construction of these projects.


Research and Report

Hash Global is a learning organization that emphasizes the continuous growth of team cognition and capabilities, encourages independent thinking, and creates connections. We aspire to long-term mutual learning and growth with the entrepreneurial teams we invest in.